Olive L Tyrrell is a chef, artist, + potter. Currently a resident potter at Green River Pottery focusing on sculptural and functional pots inspired by the desert landscape. 

Each piece is one of a kind, hand built one at a time. Adding new work after firing each 2 weeks. 
All pieces have shipping costs included in their price. (for US only) 
Please contact for international rates.

You can also view or purchase my paintings and photographs here. Please message for more details. 

Please visit us at 
1710 Lena Street 
Santa Fe, New Mexico Tuna Vase A12 Succulent planter #1A13 Abstract Landscape Painting Collaboration Noodle Bowl Double wave desert plate A6A10White Sands Landscape Plate Canyon Valley Salad Bowl Fall Grass Centerpiece Bowl Bricks oxide planter A11Kurinuki Landscape Vase Bull Snake Noodle Bowl Seed pod app plates set of 2Momens River Bowl A7Horizon Celadon Bowl Set of four salad plates (on the beach) Landscape Photography/ Roads as Places Mojave Sage Bowl Mountain snow landscape planterRubble salt cellar Set of 2 torn plates Landscape Photography/ Roads as Places Kurinuki Cliff Vase Shifted landscape centerpiece Ocean Kurinuki vase A2Rubble salt cellar Detail Oxide colander A3River bed platter Sandwich Tray Set #1Shifted Landscape Colander Landscape Photography/ Roads as Places Oxide rubble vaseCracked Lava Salt Cellar A5A8Set of 2 Oxidation Anemone cupsCocoa slab platter Sandbar platter A9Rhodes32 Landscape Salad plate Rivers Edge Platter Crashing waves Set of anemone cups (white and mottled grey) Snow desert large salad bowl River II Stoneware Cheeseboard Canyon salt cellars set of 2